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Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament promotes pupil leadership opportunities, enabling children to develop valuable communication, organisation and debating skills through key roles of responsibility and new experiences.

This new structure is an ideal opportunity for pupils to be actively involved in the way that the school is run. Pupil Parliament benefits the whole school, pupils and teachers because it provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their opinions as well as influence the decisions that are made on their behalf.  Pupils relish the opportunity to become a greater part of school life and enjoy making their voices heard.

What are the aims of the Pupil Parliament?

  • Represent all pupils and include as many people as possible.
  • Take time to listen to all pupils and communicate their views.
  • Feed back to pupils about what happened about their views.
  • Action decisions that have been made or explain why they can’t happen.

Members of Pupil Parliament

Head Girl & Head Boy

Deputy Head Girl
Deputy Head Boy


Each member is voted for by their peers after a short presentation explaining why they should be elected.  This process also enables the pupils to have real life experiences of Democracy and elections.

Head Boy Campaigners 

Head Girl Campaigners 


Prefect boy campaiGNERS 

Prefect GIRL campaiGNERS