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Healthy School

There is a clear vision of how social inclusion and health equalities relate to the development of the child. Within the school we aim to provide for the whole child in all the six areas developed by the healthy schools programme.  The school is working towards Healthy Schools Accreditation. 


Safety as part of a healthy lifestyle has been another area of priority for the school. This has been particularly focused on the playground area of the school, with development and maintenance of a series of garden spaces:-

  • The Music Zone
  • The Stage
  • The Frames
  • Quiet Area
  • Active Zone - with lots of cool shade for the summer


Governors and staff will ensure that the resources used:

  • Reflect the needs and ages of the pupils
  • Reflect the cultural diversity of the school community
  • Are reviewed and updated accordingly

Parents and Carers/Involvement

Parents and the local community are invited to take part in the policy development, physical, social, and cultural activity through the Healthy Schools Programme and to support school development and training.

Agency Involvement

Guest agencies with specialist knowledge are welcomed at Cleves providing they work within the protocols agreed by the school. We have regular visits from local health care professionals and borough advisors and welcome their valuable input and support.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Healthy Schools Co-ordinator is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the policies and programs
  • Supporting staff to assess children's progress
  • Recommending targets for whole school development
  • Feeding back evaluations to SMT and staff.