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At Cleves English is integral to the whole curriculum. 


Children at Cleves are expected to read every day or as often as possible. They have daily Shared Reading sessions.  

All children at Cleves have access to an exciting programme called Bug Club. This is an online system where children can read hundreds of books which their teacher would have suited to their level. As they go through the book they are asked questions to check the children’s understanding. The programme also shows teachers how well the children have answered the questions so it can then inform their planning.
We encourage the children to read every day as part of their homework and children can take books home to enjoy.

Every child at Cleves is provided with a Reading Record so parents/carers can make comments on their child’s reading. This ranges from how challenging the children found the text to how much they enjoy reading it.


From Early Years to Year 2, children have Phonics lessons daily. We use Jolly Phonics which helps children to learn their sounds while having fun. During their lessons children learn all the sounds needed to be able to read and then apply these in their English lessons. At the end of year 1 most children take part in a Phonics Screening Test.


At Cleves children begin writing from Nursery where they start to develop their fine motor skills. From Reception to Year 6 children explore different genres of writing and record every day. We have high expectations of our children and this is shown in their pride of their work. We try to incorporate writing in all other subjects to maintain high standards. Presentation is an important factor of our school and we reward children with neat handwriting weekly in assembly with a Golden Pencil Award.

Competitions/ Events

We hold events throughout the year to support children with their English. This year we will be having writers and poets visit the children to inspire them. We will hold shows for the children to enjoy and host our yearly ‘World Book Day’ event.
Throughout this year we will be encouraging children to show their Literacy skills in competitions. This year Year 6 children participated in ‘The Big Boleyn Debate’ competing against other children within the Boleyn Trust.

On Friday 23rd November, 4 of our Year 6 pupils took part in an inter-school debating competition and excitingly, they came first place! The debates were focused on the key questions: 'Is social media a force for good?' and 'Should we go vegan to save the world?' The pupils were loud, clear and forceful in their arguments. Well done to the very worthy winners.

English Curriculum Overview