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Lets Get Reading ! Harry Potter

Children in year 5 have started a Harry Potter reading marathon. The children have been inspired by their class work to go and read all of the Harry Potter novels. The children have loved the books so much and have also inspired other year groups to get reading !

Here are some reasons why they like these books so much . Remember if you have a favourite Author let your teacher know and visit the library at lunchtime !!!




Harry Potter is an amazing book written by J.K. Rowling. It is full of magic, adventure and fun! J.K Rowling has inspired me to read more since her childhood was all about Reading.

Swaiba Y5

Harry Potter books are the best books I have ever experienced. My favourite types of books are full of magic and wizardry, which is the main subject of Harry Potter.

Aisha Y5

Harry Potter is a famous and powerful wizard. He is very brave and a loyal friend. We are currently reading the whole book series in class.

Nadia Y5