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      All of us at Cleves would like to wish everybody a happy and prosperous 2019. We hope you all had an enjoyable holiday.

      As usual at Cleves we have a very busy time ahead of us. We have a lot to look    forward to. Today, you will be receiving the Curriculum Overviews for the term ahead so you can see what the children will be learning. Please make sure you look at the key dates column to see what we having coming up.





      I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas to all those celebrating at this time of the year.

      Thank you to all who have supported the school this year and have come to all of our fabulous events managed by Friends of Cleves...




      On Monday, our Year 6 pupils were visited by an archaeologist from University College London (UCL) to give the pupils more insight into how the Ancient Greeks lived. Excitingly, the children were able to handle and examine Ancient Greek pottery which helped them to better understand the civilisation! The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience


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