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      Modern Foreign Languages

      As part of the new national curriculum, children in years 3-6 are required to learn a Modern Foreign Language. Cleves has been including French in the curriculum for the last 6 years and has built up a bank of exciting resources to support the curriculum. We have made valuable links with schools and other organisations in France. 

      In years 3-6 children are timetabled for dedicated French lesson each week by a specialist teacher. Children are given the opportunity to explore the French language both in speech and writing and also to look at French culture both in France and other French speaking areas around the world. We have a planned visit to France early in 2015 where we will be joining a vocational school to cook and serve a French menu.

      Additionally, throughout the school year, Cleves focuses on a language of the term. Children as young as the early years are introduced to the language and the country of origin. Children are exposed to the language on a daily basis and get to explore the language and culture of the country of origin through workshops and other interactive classroom activities. 

      During the school year, Cleves also offers a Spanish club to those children who are enthusiastic and eager to broaden their language skills. 

      At Cleves we believe that language competence and intercultural understanding are an essential part of being a good citizen. Children develop a better understanding of their own lives in the context of exploring the lives of others. During Cleves’ annual International Evening, children and parents are invited to participate in a wide variety of cultural activities .We are very fortunate here at Cleves that a large number of our students come from families where English is not their home language. During these evenings, children will be able to share their cultural traditions as well as be given insight into other student’s cultures and traditions. This is a great way to involve the wider community to celebrate our similarities and differences.

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